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Academic Programs


• Outstanding educators that are passionate, informed, and effective

• Autonomous yet accountable approach to instruction

• A positive, structured school environment that fosters strong relationships

• A challenging, individualized, and data-driven academic program

• Active parents who are consistently involved in school life

• Access to technology for students and staff

• Effective and comprehensive support systems

• An extended school day and school year

• The knowledge that all students have what it takes to be successful in college



• 86% of Ceiba students are economically disadvantaged.

• 95% of Ceiba students are of Hispanic or Latino origin.

• 35% of Ceiba students are English learners.

• Nearly all of Ceiba’s students will  be the first in their family to go to college and many will be the first in their family to graduate high school.

• While our students face tremendous barriers to educational attainment when they enroll in the Ceiba Public Schools, they are also curious, eager to learn, and remarkably hard-working.