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School Site Council

Ceiba's School Site Council meets regularly. 
The theme for this year's Council work is "A​lways Safe, Always Engaged, Always Learning."
We will post Site Council Agendas in the area below. All are welcome to attend meetings, and information on how to safely attend -- whether in person or via phone/teleconference -- will be included in the agenda for each meeting.
Meeting Videos are posted to our Youtube Channel's SSC Playlist following each meeting. 
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School Site Council Members



SSC Staff Member



SSC Teacher Member



SSC Vice-Chairperson



SSC Staff Member

Raquel Arenas-Humphrey is the Parent Engagement Coordinator at Ceiba. She joined the School Site Council because she is passionate about supporting students and families. Raquel looks forward to continuing to improve Ceiba.

Kate Emery is currently a Resource Specialist Teacher and Mentor to new teachers.  In the past, she served primarily as a middle school ELA teacher.  Kate joined the School Site Council because she is passionate about making Ceiba a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.


Ana is a first-generation doctoral student that was born and raised in Watsonville, CA. For the past five years she has been serving as a biliterate school counselor and administrator at Ceiba. Ana is looking forward to collaborating with Ceiba stakeholders and looking for ways to improve our school community.



SSC Chairperson






SSC Teacher Member



SSC Parent Member

Fabian Leonor has twelve years of experience working with people with disabilities in public schools, and working one on one with people that need an advocate in the community. He is currently pursuing a Human Services Degree at Cabrillo College and will attend CSUMB to obtain a BA in Collaborative Health & Human Services. In his leisure time, he enjoys coaching basketball at the YMCA, volunteering with local nonprofits,and spending time with his three children and three beautiful grandchildren.


Mary Margulies currently teaches 9th grade Algebra and 10th grade Geometry. She joined the School Site Council Member because she believes that collaborating with parents and other community members will help improve Ceiba and our scholars’ futures.




SSC Teacher Member



SSC Teacher Member



Ex-Officio Member



SSC Parent Member

Taylor Moir currently teaches 12th-grade Psychology and Sociology at Ceiba.  He joined the School Site Council because he truly believes that teaching practices can greatly benefit from direct conversations with families and the Ceiba community at large, especially during these trying times.  Parents are now on the front lines juggling work responsibilities and child care.  Any input we can receive in order to make parents’ lives easier while providing a higher quality education for their children is greatly appreciated.

Glenni Rankin currently teaches 7th-grade English  at Ceiba. She joined the School Site Council because she thinks that it is important to work and collaborate with our students' families and the community to best support our students inside and outside the classroom.

Josh Ripp serves as the Head of School at Ceiba College Prep. He joined the SSC because he wants to see more community voice in our amazing school. Josh looks forward to participating in meaningful conversations about how we can continue to improve and see our Ceiba scholars thrive.