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2016 Ceiba Public Schools Foundation Scholarship Application

Dear Alumni,
Please take advantage of this opportunity and make sure to submit your application by the August 1st deadline. We all need that extra money for college, so ensure this gets done soon. 
Hope you all are enjoying of your summer. Already sophomores!
Do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions. 
Thank you,
Alumni Interns

Greetings Alumni:


Here is the first part to the Ceiba Scholarship Application:


Part 1 - This must be completed first - Google Form titled "Ceiba Public Schools Foundation 2016 Scholarship Application". Please fill this out as soon as possible and submit electronically. Click on the blue embedded link. 


Part 2 - Compare Your Net Prices 2016 (.xlsx) -Please complete the spreadsheet with your college/university cost/aid information as well as your Expected Family Contribution from FAFSA. Click on the blue embedded link. 

Save this spreadsheet and email a copy to 


Part 3 - Along with your emailed copy of Compare Your Net Prices Spread Sheet, also attach a copy of your Fall 2016 schedule.


Part 4 - Don't forget to send Ceiba an official transcript of your grades. If you cannot get your transcript by the deadline then screenshot your grades and send them in an email with the following subject line: "Name.Last Name. Screenshot of Academic Grades 2015-2016". Send this to 


Deadline: Monday, August 1st 2016, 12:00pm, PDT.

Questions: email


This is big. Do not let this opportunity pass.


Thank you,


Alumni Interns